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Continue to plant the seeds of a magnificent life!

English: Coconut Palm on Martinique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. Robert Louis Stevenson It is the connections that we make each day and the steps that we take towards worthy goals, both big and small, that make a life.  Sometimes we don’t see the fruits of our labor right away. However, with practice,  patience, perseverance, and passion, we are bound to take the opportunities as they present themselves each day and take our lives to greater heights.  With a can do attitude, we open ourselves to the possibility of the moment rather than close ourselves off because of frustrations of a perceived reality. Life can be overwhelming and this may be a difficult endeavor. We may be disappointed by how things appear at any given time. We may get disillusioned that we are not experiencing the wonder of the world that we seek. It is during those times especially that we need to remember that life is like a beautiful garden. Each flower, each plant starts out as a seed.  We get to choose the type of flowers and plants that will make up this incredible vision of our garden.  After we choose what it is that we desire most, we tend to the soil to give those seeds the most chance of flourishing, we plant the seeds as best as we can, and we return daily to water them each and every day.  Then with faith in the outcome, we allow the light of the sun to do its thing.  We may not see results today or tomorrow, but rest  assured that all the steps we take will allow our garden to one day blossom into the most magnificent sight we will have ever seen-and the joy it will give all of us will be beyond words. In the same way, when we take care of ourselves, make sure we get enough sleep, exercise and nutrition, start making the connections that will empower us to keep moving forward in the direction of our greatest dreams, and nurture those dreams by doing something each day, we will soon experience the fruits of our labors.  When we have faith that as we seek the light, it will shine down upon us and comes through us to brighten the world while we purse whatever we so desire.  And, the joy that our accomplishments will bring will benefit all of us. So just for today, focus on the big picture and don’t judge. Today and every day for that matter, the seeds that we have planted are in process and  preparing themselves to burst through and explode with amazing color!  Whatever your dreams are, keep planting the seeds to give them life and continue to nurture them  with a positive spirit and words of victory and success. If we do and stay away from judging what is, soon we all will be celebrating those amazing gardens in full bloom!

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