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Constrain yourself no more-there is magic in all things!

“If our lives appear impoverished, the fault lies not in our lives but in our lack of awareness.  Looking more deeply, however, we come to understand that we cannot blame our awareness alone, for it is not awareness that is at fault, but the constraints we have placed on expression. Once given an outlet, our awareness rewards us with a glimpse into its rich storehouse of images, memories, dreams, thoughts, and feelings.” Nina Elliot

Magical.  The world is magical if you choose to have faith and believe it.  Mysterious. Your life is a beautiful mystery begging you to set out and discover it.  Stop constraining your experience of this world.  Relax into it.  Look around and see, not just with your eyes but with your whole being.  Once you begin to allow awareness to permeate your soul, you tap into the miraculous. And once you tap into the miraculous, you are one with it all.  Do yourself a favor today and close your eyes to better expand your perception of all that is possible. Release  your preconceptions to embrace a renewed sense of freedom to behold the hidden riches of this world.  Life is really about what cannot be seen with the eyes, but what is felt with the heart. Life is all about being “in spirit”, inspired.  So breath more “aliveness” into your life.  Choose to really get in touch with a greater consciousness.  What was once presented as a challenge can become a triumph once you start to experience it in a different way.  What was once considered to be boring, becomes fantastical. What was once routine, become pregnant with potential.  Shift your perception.  You cannot see the air that you breath, but it is there and you feel the cool breeze that signals a change in seasons. You cannot see the bonds that tie you to another, but the energy is there and it bridges the gap between.  You cannot see the spirit of another, but the love is there and can be sensed through the exchange of a smile.  You cannot see the richness of this world, but in your heart you know that the opportunity to discover remains always at your fingertips.  Magical. It all is really magical. To believe anything less only serves to deter you from the path that is laid out for you as you move forward on your journey in this life.  Grab onto a creative outlet and look more deeply to channel something that allows you to truly “SEE”.  Then be prepared to watch the magic unfold that allows dreams to be realized when you go to a place of higher awareness. Have faith and believe that it is all just magical! Stand back and behold what lies behind the obvious!

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