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Claim your superpower: this is just for you!

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.” Thomas Edison

On Sunday, my family went to see The Justice League. After it was over, my 8 year old little poof of magic asked me, “Mommy what would be your superpower?”

I laughed at the question, answering back, “What? I don’t have one!!!??”

Yes, you heard me right. I, Meg Nocero, have super powers and so do you. Isn’t it nice to get a reminder once in awhile. You and I are magical beyond compare. And, to back up my argument, as the advocate that I am, here are the facts:

Whether you are a teacher of incredible things, an inspirer by virtue of how you live your life, or a virtual physical powerhouse, you have many superpowers- the thing one thing that may be missing is you showing up and owning them. I know many people whose energy takes us to the ends of the Earth with wonder, leaps buildings in a single bound with a supernatural feel, moves so quickly in a flash, takes to the ocean to defend all creatures big and small, will heal in such a way that they see things differently in the end always improving, and  innovates through the use of technology that make you even stronger like a bat.

For me, never giving up and inspiring others to do the same is my super power beyond compare. Knock me down, here I am.  Use your words to put me in my place, and I learn a new language that takes me to a new one. Tell me that I am not worthy, I will bid you adieu as I make my dreams come true. Hold me in golden handcuffs, I break out and see greater possibilities waiting for me. I am a shining light, join me, follow me, dance with me, celebrate with me, but not for one minute think that you can get in my way. There is magic in the knowing that you are powerful. There is magic knowing that you are super. There is magic owning it. And when you finally tap in, watch out world, year of empowerment here we come!

Want to discover your superpower? Get bliss!


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