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Choose your music and start climbing the staircase!

Lovely. The word lovely just rolls off the tongue. It takes the word love and and makes it flow. How lovely! The soul is lovely. All of our souls are lovely. As I write this, I imagine my soul dancing in step to the music of a lovely beautiful song. One that is light and airy. One that feels like a prayer. One where the instruments act in perfect unison, a collaboration that opens the door to my heart and unleashes the beauty within. Just lovely! When I awoke this morning, I felt the dailiness of my life. The routine ritually taking over. The struggle begging to be recognized. Then, when I pinch myself as a reminder to wake up, I decide I want to see and experience this loveliness.  That is where I decide to be sculptor of my day. I get to experience the patient unveiling of the hidden secrets that surround me as I effortlessly use my tools to chip away at the untruths.  I put on a song that arouses my spirit from that unnecessary trance and set out to find the staircase that will lift me to more experiences of  Earth’s loveliness. While prayer is the asking for your senses to experience the discovery, faith is where you return when you trust that your soul will receive all that it needs to lift higher and higher as you move forward step by step. So when my soul demands that I live this day only to experience each lovely thing that comes my way, my response must be to trust that and start climbing. For it is true, with all my lovely experiences I get here on Earth, it is my privilege to be in gratitude of heaven right here! For me, the journey to heaven is only made better in the company of friends and family, my angels.

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