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CHECK THIS OUT: If you feel stuck in your current situation, you are not done yet as it’s neve

“Life is about, every single day, getting up to manifest your truth.” Cory Booker

I always knew that I would be a master storyteller. Someone who paid attention to my world and had an intense desire to speak, point out, scribe and pass on the higher truths, the myths and the legends to better our life experience.

My first introduction to this type of messenger was first going with my family on Sunday mornings to the local parish where the priest stepped up to the deus to deliver some form of inspiration. The next was sitting around our Italian dinner table as family members swapped stories of our history again and again.  Curious as to why men were the only ones deemed worthy to pass on lessons to the church community, being privy to a family tradition where women were as strong, or stronger than men, catapulted me to never stop asking the questions as to where I need to go to share and be heard.

As a seeker of answers to life’s injustices, I first set out to embrace diverse languages.  Then. I mastered materials that would have me understand my world better on an international level. Finally, I would circle back in the great tradition of the lawmakers of my tribe and process the rules and regulations that attempted to ensure fair play.  All with the goal to address the sins of the past and influence the possibility of a more equal and exciting future for everyone involved.  The mere fact that I found myself playing the role of public servant, not as a priest but as an attorney, and listening to all sorts of stories for close to 20 years was what helped me refine my craft. However, it did not mean that this is where the learning ended.

After so long, I was too safe where I stood, where it became too uncomfortable. Once again, feeling the nip of change at my heels, doors closing others opening, with the desire to awaken others, liberated from that box and its unorthodox rules, a new chapter as published author, inspirational speaker and professional empowerment coach unfolded. Speaking in front of many, just like the parish priest, had me discovering a new path to continue manifesting my truth.  The master storyteller sets out to become in a new way. While I felt fear, I could not let it cripple any action that I would set out to take. While fear of failure or even success attempted to trump my soul’s calling, my curiosity and questioning nature would not allow that to stop me. And in the course of a year that started with a leap of faith, I opened the universal catalog of choices and perused for more opportunity.  Realizing that there is no box to close you in but the one you allow, I set out to encourage others to be what they wished.

You are building your legacy, your own legend. Look all around with the biggest of eyes, investigate and discover those things that have you salivating with excitement. Abundance materializes when you set out to find your place in this world that so matches well your desires. You are not done yet. You have really only just begun at the beginning of each new day.  And for a master storyteller on her way, that message is a fortunate omen at this time in history when #metoo and the empowerment of women has me growing up in a new reality too. Standing in my shoes, sharing the wisdom of the expertise gained, and really fully enjoying myself for who I am for the first time.


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