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Chase your dreams and you will catch them!

“Chase your dreams until you catch them…and then dream, catch, and dream again! ”

If you want to see life through new eyes, watch little children at play. So simply, the little ones chase their bliss as they discover the world around them. Dreaming is a fundamental part of their existence. Joy is infused in everything that they do. Connecting to others is a necessary way of life. With the task to wander into a world of fantasy, amusement, and possibility, they grab the hands of those around them and boldly engage. While they may stumble or fall, it is just for a moment in time until they get up again for there is no place for judgment in their world. There only remains incredible wonder as they seek the gifts each new day will bring. You, too, can embrace your inner child. You, too, can chase your dreams as if they were butterflies on a sunny day. You can entertain those fanciful notions born in the imagination. You can awake into a conscious state of magical enlightenment when the illusions of a certain reality fall away. It has always been the journey that holds the beauty of life. From the birth of an innovative idea until its ultimate conclusion, when you embrace the path with an exuberant spirit, magic is sure to unfold. So perhaps today you will choose to remain a child at heart and seek out others to frolic with. You will certainly rejoice in the fact that others are there to hold onto and help you catch your dreams too. So, chase all your dreams sweet ones, catch them, smile widely and then dream all over again.

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