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Change is good, transformation even better!

Change is good, transformation even better!

Day transforms to night, night to day. The cycle of life continues. It just does, bringing with it experiences that change us- sometimes joyful, sometimes painful- but we are changed nonetheless. A process of maturation that none of us will escape, nor should we. It’s ok to fight it at first, longing for easier times, but there must come a time that you take the uncomfortable ride because at the end of the day, night comes in all its glory allowing us to rest once again. Waking up to a new strength that you never knew – waking up once again to the beauty of a transformative life. One that has you really appreciating the precious gifts of kindness, love, opening up your heart to a world of good you would never have experienced before! Don’t quit the process – there are beautiful surprises that await – I only know this because I have lived it! Like a butterfly born anew. The painting is called “Beauty transformation!” It’s a beautiful world-This is my view this morning! Hector Prado #themagicalguidetobliss

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