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Build joyful connections!

“If your guard is up, let it down. If you’ve constructed a defensive wall to protect yourself and keep all the bad guys out, don’t forget who that wall also prevents from getting in – the good guys.”

 Brendon Burchard

Instead of building a fortress to protect your heart and soul, let your guard down and open up to joy.  When there are times of great loss, hurt, or disappointment, perhaps your gut instinct is to contract and push away further vulnerability. While you may think that constructing a wall is a good option in the short term, it can prevent great things from coming into your life in the long. Risk by seeking out positive connections and you are well on your way to a beautiful life. If you are already too walled in, believe its not too late and start to find ways to climb out so that you can start to see the colorful world on the other side. When you start letting go of your fear of the bad things that could happen, your focus turns to all the possibilities that lie in the good things that await you. Embrace that when you turn towards love and away from fear, the good guys will come to assist you as long as you are open to it.  Each time a generous soul arrives, your faith will increase and you will start to feel the freedom of movement again that was restricted by a self-imposed structure.  Once again, the choice is yours to make. When you begin to build a bridge of joy, you have taken the necessary steps to empower a life you will never want to take a vacation from!

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