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Breakout to a Breakthrough!

Time to Breakout to a Breakthrough

Are you ready to breakout to a breakthrough? I most certainly am! This summer was a real challenge for me. Having deadlines and goals set, consistency in self-care took a backseat. Feelings of desperation to “just get things done and move on” took on a primary role and focus. At the end of the day, I ended up feeling less than stellar physically and frustrated. Taking care of myself, physically, mentally and spiritually has always been important. When I don’t and spiral into the world of  “down in the dumps,” it takes a lot to pull me out. But in order to breakout to a breakthrough, you have to start somewhere. It is never too late to begin today. Never going to give up has been a mantra that I hold near and dear.

Getting clarity-what are you going to do now?

If you are ready to breakout of the rut you may find yourself in, first thing to do is to change your thoughts. Take a moment to get some clarity as to how you want to feel. You can most certainly find your way emotionally there. I love Mondays especially for this reset. Just this morning as I walked my dogs to the fork in the road, I sat in stillness for a moment on the bench near the bay. With one dog at my side and the other on my lap, I looked out at the gorgeous view only steps away from my condo, truly grateful. Wanting to truly feel just a little bit better than the day before, I asked the universe to let today be my breakthrough towards that end.

On my way home, I scrolled through some of my memories. There, appeared a photo, that read, “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”  No truer words were said. I cannot beat myself up if I want to raise my vibration. Like Norman Vincent Peale said, “change your thoughts and you change your world.” When you box yourself into a mindset where cruel judgment rules the day, you are making it so much harder on yourself. You have to rise to a higher vibration if you want to see the changes you wish for. Get out of the box you have created if it does not serve your highest good.  I am not a big fan of boxes anyway unless they are light blue and come with something fun and pretty inside.  And, yes, for those who are wondering, I am referring to those pretty boxes from Tiffany’s.

Everyday is a New Beginning

It is time to breakout to a breakthrough.  Everyday is a new beginning when you set new intentions. One small change today can be the huge leap towards feeling better. Then, in no time, the past days of “blah” can evolve into a present of “boo-yahs.” Now that you are awake to the possibility, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. Are you ready for your breakthrough? I most certainly am. I would rather spend the energy looking away from what might have been and focused on what can be! These are amazing steps toward feeling more free.

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Breakout to a Breakthrough! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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