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Blessed by the miracles in each moment!

“Focus on positive things, then positive things will be attracted into your life- Breathe positive, think positive, be positive!” Anonymous

How wonderful it is to be a believer in the power of positive thinking. How empowering it is to experience the energy behind this approach to life. However, just by practicing a positive mindset does not mean that you are shielded from the trials and tribulations in life. It just means that with this mindset, you can establish habits that make you mentally stronger for those hard times when they come. To be positive just means that in the hardship as long as you persevere, you will find beauty along the way and there you can discover your miracles. For you live in a world where you cannot expect to escape the realities of the human experience, nor would you want to. That would mean missing out on the moments of joy and happiness that can come from times of pain and suffering. When you take a positive approach, instead of feeling broken and destroyed when you hit the proverbial bottom, you can find the opportunity to be broken open, like a rosebud as it is ready to burst open with all of its beauty. To think positive, you can buy into the belief that this universe is conspiring in your favor to continue to encourage your greatness. When you are empowered this way, then you are sure to attract people who believe the same. In the good times and bad, it seems like good advice to just be and breath positive, think positive and be positive! There you can be blessed with the miracle of each moment no matter what it is!

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