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BIG NEWS: It’s time to get intentional in 2018-New Podcast: MANIFESTING MONDAYS WITH MEG-Like

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

I have always been a big dreamer. Endless possibilities always around the corner. Incredible people to connect with that always seem to share with me another piece of the puzzle.  Seemingly bad fortune that shifts me down a new path to only discover something even more amazing for my life!!!!!!

I have become a magical manifester of my dreams! And, I am ready to share my story and my journey with all of you.  After nearly 20 years of sharing my wisdom with 100s of ready and willing students in my former place of employment, my classroom has just gotten bigger and I am ready to help you get intentional one empowered conversation at a time!

*From getting into my #1 choice of colleges, to traveling and studying all over Europe and South America.

*From those famous words “Come on Down” called me to the stage on The Price is Right only to spin 1$ on the wheel, to getting called on stage with Oprah in front of 15,000 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

*From getting my dream job and creating a program where I train and mentor students in professionalism as well as how to live the life of their dreams to publishing my first book, The Magical Guide to Bliss.

*From having the incredibly good fortune to working with the Coconut Grove Art Festival’s Artist of the Year, Hector Prado, on the cover of my next book to serendipitously meeting the founder of Love Button Global Movement and being invited to my favorite singer’s home for a private concert.

*From standing on stage overlooking the creation of a magical vision as Jon Saxx plays “Pure Imagination” to standing as a VIP backstage after the  Coldplay concert watching my daughter get inspired by the musician whose words gave me hope.

*From being able to help so many people by virtue of sharing my story to whatever awaits me as I follow my bliss and see all the doors opening before me.

The key for me is living from a place of intention, to make a difference in the lives that I cross on a daily basis and leave my mark and legacy of positivity and possibility for my children and anyone else who is so inspired.

So get ready! My bliss comes from helping you find yours. Transforming Dreams into Reality! Cause here I come and with me a whole cadre of guests who are living and manifesting their own magic and their own dreams. HOW EXCITING IS THAT! We want to connect with you and help you to bring your talents and passions to a world that so desperately needs you to heal! ITS PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION THAT WE ARE GOING FOR!

Target launch date- JANUARY 15TH-Martin Luther King Jr. Day! No better day to launch than with the man who inspired Dreams!

NOTE:I am also available for one on one success coaching sessions. Email me for pricing and packaging @

Let’s make this year an amazing one to remember! I certainly intend to!


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