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Before We ask What’s Going on Out There, We Need to Figure Out What is Going on Inside!

“If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful patterns of events, its your restlessness that cause chaos.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is an unknowable mystery in this journey that we all walk. The student steps out in curiosity, knowing that the world that she sees is a mirror of the internal landscape of her mind.  If the future is not written yet, when we see chaos, hatred, violence, sadness and the like, the present is the most important time to look within so that we can more easily navigate towards an unfolding that matches our highest vibration.

The best advice when the world we live in feels turned upside down is to step out of it, if only for a moment. Pure power and our own potential relies upon not buying into the story as depicted by the puppeteer. There is a strategic effort going on that hopes to uses our sensibilities to distract from a master plan where the one easily maintains power over the many in chaos.

These event do not call for us to sit idly by and witness the atrocities without doing anything. The student is called to see the patterns so we are not played. And to do so,  the best advice is to be a witness as to what how it is affecting you by going inside, get still, so that we are not pawns in another’s greedy game, but empowered to weave the magic of good. We need our light seekers now more than ever. If we buy into the script of darkness as it laid out in front of us, we are destined to be a cog in a wheel. If we stand back and start to write our own from a place of light, then we become the mechanism by which a new world is able to flourish.

Trust and faith are our sword and shield as we all seek the sacred. Keep your intentions on the mountain so to speak and remember light cannot exist without the shadows. The darkness has a purpose as it calls for us to each shine our own light on to this world, not to be encompassed by it. Nourish yourself with the beauty within that you know is there, only when you still your soul will you ever be able to be a champion or become the superhero for yourself and others.


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