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Becoming the best you possible!

“Been down one time, been down two times, never going back again!” Fleetwood Mac

You have come so far, sometimes you don’t even realize it because you are too close.  If you take a moment and look, you may not even recognize the person who you were last year, last month or even last week.  A lifetime ago you were the small, insecure child finding your way in this great big world.  Today, you are the strong, courageous adult who is determined to forged ahead despite the many obstacles along the way.  Through your birth, you have been given the greatest invitation to make your dreams come alive.  You have been given the greatest opportunity to unveil your passion through the talents bestowed upon you. Who cares if you have made mistakes along the way, as long as you are alive the invitation is still there. You can either accept it or not.  For your growth experienced from both joy and pain becomes the building blocks to carry you further on.  For your wisdom gained from insight is just what you need to deliver you to the next level.  So don’t look in the mirror wishing to see the same person as yesterday. You are so much better today if you believe it to be true.  Just declare to the world your acceptance of the journey. And even if you have been knocked down, declare that you are never going back again.  And as you move forward, let your prayer be to remember the lessons learned, to grow from the compassion felt, and to continue to become the best version of you possible. 

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