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Become the Editor of Your Story: Face, Release and Clear the Toxicity of the Past, the Beauty and Po

“My life needs editing.” Mort Sahl, comedian

As I have set out to show up as a new, more authentic me on this journey, I see my life taking on different roles that excite me.  I have become and am the writer, the editor, and the observer.   

The writer sets out on a three part process: sitting in consciousness and awareness as life as it unfolds, figuring out what gets the creative juices flowing and what excites, and then tells the story in the most authentic voice possible.  The observer benefits from the vulnerability of the writer who takes a risk by sharing all of the ups and downs in the most engaging way possible hoping in the end to inspire.  But it is the editor, the critical reader and lover of the story, who gets to sit down to refine, polish, and enhance the process of what has happened so that a more exciting bridge to the future can be built. It is the editor’s role as gatekeeper between the writer and the observer that brings happiness and an articulable purpose to the raw, unfinished manuscript so that the greater story can communicated and shared.  

These days, I have chosen to focus on the role of the editor. As I do, as I look over what has been written, the story that I have already lived with much gratitude, I am ready to face, release and clear the toxicity that showed up for a reason but longer serves me on this journey. Now, I trust the process so I can highlight the beauty and power gained from the lessons learned.  As the observer, I have noticed that many people live the same story over and over because they do not take the opportunity to stop, look at what has happened, and strike out old patterns to shift into a more enlightened state. Survival for many becomes the tome of the day, choosing to stay in the numbness instead of pushing through seeking out the truth of the experience.  Delaying the awakening for fear of change and the unknown, we are kept from moving into what magnificence is waiting. It is time to honor the beauty of who we are, it is time to be the editor of our behaviors so that we can raise the energy of our lives.

So today, I wear the hat of the editor’s role. Rather than change what actually happened, I get to review, refine, polish, enhance, face, release and clear out past patterns and practice.  When done, I put my writer’s hat back on to get ready to dance and walk a more amazing part to this journey empowered by what has already been rather than be reduced by it. Instead of erasing what has happened, I act as the gatekeeper choosing what and how the wisdom comes with me. As a result, I bring more happiness when I wear the observer’s hat, owning the beauty gained from my story and allowing it to become the superpower in my life. Perhaps as we all step towards into a more brilliant future, it is time to sit in this present moment and edit our lives as well, awaken to what was and what is, get mindful and choose how we start this next chapter- perhaps on a beautiful open road of possibilities, under a gorgeous blue sky, surrounded by the sweet scent of lavender, hopefully with a foundation in love.

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