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Become Somebody’s miracle!

“Don’t just look for your miracle.  Become somebody’s miracle.  When you reach out to others in need-when you lift the fallen, when you encourage those who are down, when you befriend the lonely—your own breakthrough will come.” Joel Osteen

There are times in all of our lives when we may feel trapped by and wrapped up in our own predicaments.   Whether it is tough times financially, health issues, or a sense of great loss, there are those times when we ask and even pray that the heaviness of life will subside and we look for own personal miracles.  We may ask, believe and wait and wait for the tides to shift so that our lives can move in a positive direction.  Rather than just waiting for that miracle to come, be proactive.  Shift your focus and become someone else’s miracle in the meantime.   While our lives may be tough sometimes, when we turn our focus to lovingly serving another, something magical happens inside.  Beyond popular belief, this is not a throw-away society that we live in.  While materialism and waste may permeate the media, at our core, we need to be people for other people.  It can be miraculous for the spirit when we take the opportunity to reach out to help one in need, to encourage and compliment someone who is having a tough time, or to be a friend to someone who stands alone.  The universe will conspire in our favor if the energy we give to the those in the world is based in loving kindness.  We all must be accountable for our corner of the world and makes strides to keep our side of the street clean. By making an effort to reach out to another in love, we are sending out the signal that we are ready and willing to receive the same. And, in doing so, we are creating an army of individuals who are also ready to serve in love.  And, when we are spreading the joy, it is most likely that our own breakthrough will appear sooner than later. And rest assured, it will be worth the wait when our love army is there to share in our breakthrough.

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