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Be present to the infinite riches in your life! Merry Christmas!

“The present moment holds infinite riches beyond your wildest dreams but you will only enjoy them to the extent of your faith and love. The more the soul loves, the more it longs, the more it hopes, the more it finds.”

Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S.J. (The Society of Jesus, the Jesuits- the same order of Pope Francis)

Today is a wondrous day that holds infinite riches. Are you ready to experience all it has to offer?  Today be present to the people who you come into contact with for they may offer you wisdom to catapult your dreams, Today be present to the story of the birth of a baby whose own presence offered the world an example of hope, love, joy and forgiveness.  Today be present to your own soul, it is calling out to you to listen and hear the dreams that reside within. Allow yourself to enjoy the moments, set aside your worries if just for now.  Allow your faith to blossom as you personify hope through acts of simple service to another.  Allow the seeds of love to be planted, for the more you love, the more love you will attract  to you. The more you hope and seek it out, the more love will find you and surround you.  And the more you keep an open mind without judgments to the many roads before you,  you will learn much from it all for God or the divine or great energy is in everything.  Once you realize that, the less fear you will experience and the more enlightened and fulfilled you will be. And it is there that the riches that you have heard of will in fact be experienced for the first time. It is all up to you-  so magical- so are you to be in the present moment ready to open up to the incredible richness that is your life?  Go for it enthusiastically and a very Merry Christmas to you and your families!!!

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