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Be grateful for the beautiful bouquet of people in your life!

“To know someone here or there with whom you can feel an understanding in spite of distance or thoughts expressed- this can make life a garden.”


You, my friend, are not meant to travel this earth alone. Thank goodness because it is in the connections that you are meant to share life. Your big, beautiful, bountiful, bodacious life is meant to be delighted in as you encounter the angels that show up on your journey. Each soul that you find by chance or otherwise is there to teach you something. And, guess what, you play a part in their story as well. It is the great balance of life that pulls you towards on another. Your prayers are answered everyday as you add one more glorious flower to your bouquet. You find the roses who despite their thorns show you how to break open into a maze of perfection. You find the orchids who teach you patience as they bloom in perfect time. You find the calla lily whose stem reaches out to you as if to show you how to touch the heavens. And you are amongst the bunch, bringing your own talents to the forefront as long as you risk blossoming as well. Focus on your relationships and how important they are to feel connected and loved.  Identify those incredible relationships in your life and be intentionally grateful for the beauty they bring. Make a collage of your beautiful bouquet, take a photo and carry it with you in your heart throughout the day. For you were never meant to travel this world alone. And knowing that, smile as you embrace your beautiful bouquet of gorgeousness that will make your path even brighter.

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