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Be Brave: With Brave Wings You Fly!

“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.” Wayne Dyer

Be Brave!

Be Brave they say! I have often wondered what that really means. Defined as ready to face and endure danger and pain, I don’t get too excited starting off on a journey with that being the undertone. So why does this inspirational rally call spurn on the warrior? “Take what I like and leave the rest”, the words of my dear friend ring out.  I choose the definition of brave that encompasses all that is excellent or splendid. There, that is something that I can wrap my mind around.

I go from example to example throughout history to seek those brave ones.  I do find those who have risen to the challenges of their times of the day.  Like Joan of Arc on her trusted stead, she goes forth into battle with all the faith and courage she can muster. There is Martin Luther King Jr. He matched his divine words with enlightened action to bring forth a new vision. Like a small child bullied beyond measure, as an adult, she gets to speak up each and every day to meet her purpose on this Earth. Like anyone who is embarking on a new path, they are determined to show up in excellent fashion with a knowing that courage is what they are made of.

With Brave Wings You Fly!

I love this! Brave wings coupled with courage and faith, I see an illuminated future. Genius needs those who have courage to see what starts in the imagination become reality. This invisible intelligence knows the beat of your heart and the music that must emanate from your soul. You must not get in the way of that kind of magic. But, when you allow the magic to flow through you, carry you, and guide you, you will most assuredly fly.

It is time to shine my friends. This is the year, this is your time. Grab the hand of another and that little spark of bravery turns into something even more beautiful than you could imagine. Together we rise! Together we fly! We become the brave ones of our generation and urge on others. An extraordinary life deserves nothing less. Your vision deserves excellence and the best. And, that day will come soon where many will applaud you for the difference that you will make. Splendid are the words they will use. Fine show as goosebumps appear throughout. Moreover, a deep gratitude because you spoke a resounding yes to the rally call “Be Brave!”

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