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Be as you are!

What if everything that happened to you in your life was not a mistake? What if everything happened for your highest good? The great, the good, the bad and the ugly??? What if? All set out for you to learn the lessons in life that will take you and others to a place of wonderment??? What if? Then, you are free to live, forgive, love, play and fall flat on your butt if necessary. What if the great embrace you are seeking is right where you are? Today, stretch out your arms to the sky, then wrap them around your beautiful self and just appreciate who you are, the light within you and the love that is already there waiting to be acknowledged!! Just be as you are – warts and all! I prefer to think of my warts as beauty marks – it’s all a matter of perspective!!! Lol

Just a thought! Love love love going out to you all butterflies!!!! It’s time to fly!!! ‪#‎themagicalguidetobliss‬

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