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Are you bringing love to this world?

“God doesn’t look at how much we do, but with how much love we do it.”

Mother Theresa

When it seems like there is nothing you can do to bring hope to a world in disarray, remind yourself that positive change comes not from how much you do but how you do it.  You can have an impact if you make the decision to bring your own kind of love to this place that is desperately in need of it.  The media presents a picture of turmoil, fear and suffering. This is not a movie, people across the globe are hurting and the cycle of violence seems to continue over and over again. What the media fails to show are the people who are making amazing changes through acts of charity, compassion service and love.  There has to be a time of enlightenment where you and I start to wake up to a reality of our own creating.  One where money and greed do not rule the day. Rather, a reality where love reigns supreme begins to take hold and surpass and encompass those that are embroiled in negativity and evil.  When  you and I say no to being a bystander who just watches events in the world spiral out of control,  the world too will no longer tolerate the few acting in bad form for the many. It is time to break the cycle of negativity and finally learn the lessons of the past to create a greater collective consciousness in the present that is founded on principles of love.  This may seem like a request to live in a pollyanna of sorts, but then again whose to say that a world where humanity governs themselves with the highest virtues is far off.  Perhaps true reality when the smoke starts to clear from the spoon fed illusion of powerlessness is one where each of us acts with the good of our neighbors in mind.  It can be accomplished. This kind of  good news can be in the here and now. Start a revolution of love.  With your example in small way you can empower others to embrace love for all regardless of religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or nationality.  Then you can be one who stands up for a belief in all that is good that will impact in a big way. Instead of feeling like you cannot make a difference, start believing that you can and allow love to permeate all that you do.  For in the end it doesn’t matter the quantity of what you do if it is not done with with the greater good in mind.  So ask yourself, are you bringing love to this world? Dream of that kind of a world, believe that it is possible, and start inspiring this great hope to come to fruition. This reality you and I can build together will be well worth it!

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