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Answer the call!

Travel island

Travel island (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Life is a big, wonderful adventure.  For each one of us, the path to fulfill our destiny awaits us. We are the ones who must choose to not hold back when the invitation to greatness comes.  We are the ones who wake each and every day with the choice to embrace the exciting and remarkable experience that lies ahead.  When we were children, we allowed ourselves to travel with our imaginations through the world of our dreams.  We allowed ourselves to wholeheartedly go about discovering something new each day.  We allowed ourselves the luxury of liberating our inner happiness by following our bliss. Perhaps as adults we  are frustrated dreamers because we have settled into a routine that has us believing that we are safe.  But when we fail to answer our call to live, that routine is what becomes dangerous for we must follow our dreams so that our life’s adventure can play out just the way that it should.  We cannot afford to ignore that call to adventure.  We cannot afford to ignore the signals to awake that come our way. Life is too short to put off what must be done today thinking that tomorrow is a guarantee.  Answer the call. Accept the invitation to go on the greatest adventure to truly experience what is meant for your life.  Follow your gut and say yes.  Allow yourself the opportunity to break out of the known to connect with the greater consciousness of the unknown.  Use your gifts, share your talents and soar.  Greatness arises from ordinary people who respond when called.  It is that simple.  Start your journey today. Look for the people or the angels that will help you on your way. It can be a call to justice.  It can be a call to service. It can be a call to following your heart’s greatest desires.  Today is the day to answer the call to your life and become the hero in your own journey!  And when you do, step by step the path will unfold before you.  Trust.  It promises to be the most incredible trip that you will ever take as one by one the blessings will come.    

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