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Allow the unexpected to happen!

“You have to take risks, we will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” 

Paulo Coelho

You have to take risks to truly know what life has in store for you. When you believe in your ability to shine, then a risk will take on a positive light.  If the next step to manifesting your destiny feels a little outside your comfort zone, then take a deep breath and go for it. You have a choice to widen your boundaries, to venture into unknown territory, or to stay safe on your couch always wishing that you had the guts to follow your calling. Your freedom of choice is a gift that was given to you to figure out what will serve you the best.  The choice can sometimes be easy and other times really challenging. Don’t shy away from challenges in life.  They are there so that you can see what you are made of. Therein lies the wonderful surprises that come from the unexpected. If you try to control your world, it will ultimately be a lesson in futility for you will never be open to the gifts that were not so obvious. Be proactive with what you can and take risks.  Believe in yourself and the potential that is in you and surrounds you.  Think outside the box and be innovative with your life and allow the miracles to come as you do your best, surrender to the outcome and embrace the unexpected.  When you do that be sure that the unexpected will be even better than anything you could ever imagine for yourself! For you are a warrior of the light, you have no time for fear.  You have only time for miracles from taking a leap of faith!

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