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All you need is right where you are!

“The next message you need is always right where you are.”

Ram Dass

Stay in the moment!  When you feel confused or overwhelmed, clarity will come if you keep things simple and focus in the here and now. When you are searching for answers to certain challenging questions, get still and get ready to receive the next message you need right where you are. Don’t complicate the process with your worries about the future. Don’t be jaded by happenings of the past. Do pose your question as clearly and simply as you can and get ready to receive the answers as they come to you in many different ways. Awareness comes when you stop, listen and experience the present moment. Information arrives exactly when you need it, in a best way that you personally can hear it. Understanding comes at a quickened pace when you quiet your mind, put your fears aside, and believe that perfection lies in an instant. For the knowledge that you are complete and have everything that you need at any given moment is a mantra that allows for new and positive beginnings to take hold. As a dreamer, you need to be open to guidance as to the next step on your path. As a seeker, you don’t have to go far for enlightenment because the next message is always in that moment right where you are! Are you ready to stop and take it all in?

Magical Key to Bliss: Set out your questions to the universe, sit for as long as you need in silence and what comes next is your answer!

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