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A shining star detached from the outcome!

“Keep on shining like a star. May you always laugh and dance and sing.  May your light, light the way for another. May you stay true to the inner flame that makes your heart yours.”

Ashley Rice

We are shining stars. There are times our light is bright when we are in the flow of the universe. We move forward each and every day laughing, singing and dancing as we embrace the process of becoming. There are times our light is not as bright and we struggle. We forget our faith as exhaustion set in. We feel stuck, yet at the same time pulled in too many directions, out of focus, and grasping for air. While we are still shining stars, the intensity of our brightness strengthens and fades as we ride this rollercoaster of life, going up then going down, thriving then surviving. As long as we stay true to the knowledge that we are shining stars, this will save us. Our light will never go out as we benefit by detaching from the outcome opening up to receive wisdom during times of uncertainty. When we take a moment to breath into our light, as Deepak Chopra profoundly stated “we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe”. A universe that allows us to return to a state of balance where our inner flame grows stronger. If we give up too soon, we will never see beyond our present to know the beauty in store. So beautiful star, keep shining no matter what part of the ride and together we will light up the sky!

Magical Key to Bliss: Take a moment to meditate as you listen for the wisdom and feel your light shining brighter.


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