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Your lifelong fairytale romance begins today!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance!”

Oscar Wilde

Once you start to accept yourself and love yourself exactly as you are, you get a sense of freedom and empowerment that you may never have experienced before.  Don’t change yourself so that others will accept you. Don’t think that you need to live life a certain way to please others.  This is your journey, follow your intuition, your guide and continue to transform into the person that you are meant to be.  Start getting comfortable in your own skin, listen to your own music and start dancing in your OWN shoes.  Only then will you truly be able to experience the beauty that is you.  Only then will the veil of judgment be lifted so that you may see and experience the beauty in the world that surrounds you.  Only then will you be able to appreciate and embrace a universe made up of all of our incredible and wonderful differences!  What have you been waiting for? You are the wizard responsible for your own divine unfolding.  With God within you, once you embrace how unique and special you are, let the lifelong romance begin!  And in this way, you will be of service to all those incredible souls that you connect with on a daily basis! And it all starts with love.   Amen and Allelluia-

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