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You never need permission to play!

If you start today with the mindset that you get an opportunity to play, just imagine what fun you could have really living this day.  With this state of mind, even the smallest tasks could be looked upon as an exciting part of the journey.  With this state of mind, you just might meet in the most common circumstance new playmates to help you rediscover your joy.  With this state of mind, you just might experience life differently today.  With a sense of zeal and enthusiasm, when you open your eyes like a small child looking for the next adventure, you are introduced to this world’s playground.  In a sense, with every new day, you have won the lottery and at the same time been given a golden ticket.  Now it is up to you to decide how you will use it.  For the one thing that you have that nobody else does is you.  And if you decide to build a life founded on this chance to engage in all activity for its pure enjoyment, then just imagine the kind of amazing story you will write for yourself.  Remember you never need permission to play, for you alone get to choose the mindset of how you live your day! You get to look for the magic, miracles, butterflies and blessings in a serendipitous way.  Wanna set a play date anyone?!?

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