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You might as well choose what you love!

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on what you love.” Jim Carrey

We often wonder to ourselves what this journey is all about. We often ponder our purpose in the grand scheme of life that surrounds us. We often question from a place of introspection, what really is the point to all of this anyway. And at once, after the question is formulated in our minds, it goes out to the world in search of the perfect reply to our specific query. And at once, we must start to pay attention to the universe unfolding all around us. And at once, we must be open to the call that is perfectly tailored to assist us in discovering the answers that our soul is searching for. When we recognize that the answers are all around when we rise to the occasion, we become a part of the magic of the universe once again seeking to follow our passion in matters both big and small. Almost missing the important moments when we get lost in the shoulds of life, yet somehow awakened to our intentions when we recognize that certain opportunity arises just for us. Doors that were once seen as closed now easily opened to the next part of the journey that lies before us. Brief seconds in time that offer a path that will make all the difference. Brief seconds that challenge us to take the risk to be seen in all our glory by taking a chance on what we love. When those opportunities come, where the beat of our heart is matched, we are pushed to act now, move now, respond now. Think about whether we would prefer to fail at something we don’t want or that take the chance to on what you love.  If we answer the call, then we get to participate in the magic and make the choices that give our lives meaning. So between love and fear, choose what you love.

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