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You get to decide.

Nothing happens until you decide.

~Dr. Stanley Turecki, American psychiatrist and expert in adolescent psychiatry

Running, running, running. Getting caught up in a pace in which you are not able to catch your breath. At some point, you will decide to sit and ponder what you really want from this life. Time can fly by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, your todays become yesterdays. And when you look up, even your tomorrows are a thing of the past. Stop, stop, stop. Now is the right time to really enjoy your journey and live intentionally. There is fun to be had. There is life to be lived. There is joy to be discovered around each corner. Every moment from this point on is yours to do with as you like, so decide what it will be. You must believe in your dreams, your potential, and your excellence to the extent that you are bubbling over with enthusiasm. Decide to invest in moments to listen to your creative spirit so that it can grow. Stop in your tracks, slow down your pace, and figure out what makes life worth living for you. For nothing great happens until you decide to be great. Nothing amazing happens until you make the decision to vibrate your energy in a positive way. Nothing really makes sense until you start to make those choices that just feel right. And nothing happens until you decide to make it happen.

Magical Key to Bliss: Decide to make this journey your life’s greatest achievement.

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