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Will you be silent?

This is what happens when people stay silent as they see many wooed by the evil in this world! The lessons learned from a historical perspective are important! Our leaders must not lead by ego alone, but with substance, rational sound values and policies that do their best to unite a divided nation. We must not forget so that individuals who garner support through divisive words and appeal to our lesser traits literally do not rule the day! We are a great country – we are made up of a beautiful and diverse citizenry. We will not be great by scapegoating one part of this incredible nation’s fabric so that another feels empowered. Where are the great uniters that offer hope while pointing out what is already good with America – looking to make it better! We will only be led if we choose to follow. Demand class from those who want the privilege of being this great nation’s president, demand that they do their job, make them answer to our forefathers in this the 21st century that they will build on a dream that was envisioned long ago and improved upon with time, not destroyed. I do not want to cringe because we have given up our staff to be a model for the world to imitate. That model of the highest traits we possess must be our rally cry-for those who fought to make this country great in the past, present and for future generations to come-I will not stay silent just to see the worst parts of history repeat itself again, will you?

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