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Who are we to judge?

“If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Pope Francis

There is a great folk song written long ago by a man named Joe South.  It is called “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” and he sang, “Before you accuse, criticize, and abuse- walk a mile in my shoes”.  No one can claim a life of perfection. We all make mistakes.  Judging another because of their differences will not protect us from having to face our own.  God made us all in his or her image, different shapes, colors, characters, personalities.  Each of us bringing our own special magic to this Earth.  Each of us bringing our own special music.  Each of us hoping to make a difference through living an authentic life in search of our true North. We must have compassion for others and ourselves that will allow us to connect to help each other in this endeavor rather than separate with insidious criticism or abuse.  It is the miracles of our diversity that will make this journey more exciting and enjoyable.   Rather than critique or judge the unknown, who is to say that once we open our eyes to the beauty of others through love, we won’t discover something incredibly profound and beautiful about ourselves.  When we get past fears of the unknown, forgive imperfections and start to lead with courage, greatness is not only possible for all of us but probable.  When we get past our own insecurities and set our judgments aside, we can look for the first time into the eyes of another with wonder. There we will connect as souls and the love that is there in the connection will burst from within.  Having walked mentally a mile in the shoes of another, gratitude for their presence in our lives grows! So blessed to have a diverse array of people in my life, I am a better person for it!  Amen!

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