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When you pray, move your feet!

“When you pray, move your feet.” An old African proverb Many of us can get frustrated by the circumstances that we find ourselves in.  Patterns repeated over and over again.  And perhaps, old habits that no longer serve us but remain strongly embedded in our foundation.  We seek a better life, we even pray for a better one. Asking numerous times that positive change will come our way.   Begging even for a miraculous shift to deliver us out of the uncomfortable situations that we may find ourselves in.  While seeking, asking, praying and begging is one part of the process, we must not forget that action is the other.  Dreams cannot come true unless we decide to take the necessary steps to move ourselves forward in the direction of their light.  We can watch a movie or read a book if we want to live in the fantasy alone with nothing more. However, it is with inspired and focused action that will help us to step outside of our imaginations.  It is with enthusiasm and passion that we embolden our dreams and moment by moment do something small each day to see them come true.  And in turn, when we move our feet, we will manifest the events or people who will take us even further on the journey to a place greater than we ever imagined.   Dreaming alone will only keep us in a state of fantasy.  Dreams coupled with action will take us to a new reality.  “There is a story of the man who prayed to God each day to win the lottery. Finally, God said to him, if you want to win, you will need to get up and buy a lottery ticket first.”  So instead of getting frustrated, get clear.  Then empower your prayer towards your heart’s greatest desire step by step as you make the decision to move your feet.  Dreaming alone is not enough, you must act! Then have fun with it as you get to not just see but experience your life as your dreams come true.

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