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When you pray, move your feet

“When you pray, move your feet.” An old African proverb

Frustration occurs when we find ourselves stuck in difficult circumstances for quite some time. Instead of moving through this period, we feel trapped in a state of hopelessness. While we seek positive change, even pray for it to come, each morning we wake feeling destined to repeating bad patterns over again. While prayer is powerful and can move mountains, begging for a miraculous shift must be coupled with action that will deliver us out of the uncomfortable situations that we may find ourselves in.  It does not have to be a grand gesture that loosens the grip of stagnation on our lives, all we need to do is take one baby step after another towards the light of our dreams. When we pray, then move our feet through the challenge, we will manifest the events or people who will take us even further on the journey to a place greater than we ever imagined.   Dreaming alone will only keep us in a state of fantasy.  Dreams coupled with action will take us to a new reality. So when we feel frustration, take out a journal and start writing to get clear. When the cobwebs fall away as the winds of change start to blow, hope returns and each inspired move forward will boost your prayer to another level of heightened vibration. Bringing back a sense of enthusiasm and passion for our dreams, we set a new course built on creative insight that comes from a newly minted approach to life.

Magical Key to Bliss: Get inspired to journal about a problem that you are experiencing and come up with one step towards a solution.

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