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When the sun rises, claim what is yours!

“The internal state of your mind is the biggest single factor in determining whether or not you succeed as a __________(fill in the blank).”

Lawrence Block

When the sun rises on a new day, it is filled with incredible possibility and potential. As the light breaks free from the horizon, you can also break free from your own self-imposed obstacles laden with past doubt and fear.  The sun rises effortlessly and when it does it claims its rightful place in the sky once again as a matter of course sharing its beauty for all to see. So you too can do the same . If you start with the intention that today your mind and body will work together to help your higher self shine your great light, then you too can claim the happiness that is yours, the joy that is yours and the love that is yours. When the sun rises brilliantly and effortlessly, allow yourself the opportunity to follow its lead and do the same. It is a new day, a new moment and a new chance to become all you are meant to. While appreciating the journey is most important,  you get to choose how you travel by deciding whether the internal state of your mind will be one of loving empowerment or not. For with today’s sunrise, set aside your doubts and grab on to the belief that you can manifest your greatest desires and you are already there.  For with your loving thoughts shining on your life, you are already a success. And as you travel through your day, the outside events will be ready to confirm what is already on the inside. Have fun!

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