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When given the choice, master a healthy habit!

“Repetition is the mother of skill.” Tony Robbins What actions you repeat over and over again, you shall master. It has been proven that it takes about 21 days or three weeks to develop a habit. There is no difference if the habit is a good one or a bad one.  In life, work, sports or otherwise, when you  repeat and practice something consistently over a period of time odds are good that you will become its master. With constant dedication, chances are good that you will become the skilled one at whatever task you undertake.  With perseverance, when you set out to master a habit that is healthy, productive and positive, it is highly likely that success will be yours as you make it a part of your life story.  And, it is good to know that it will take you the same amount of time to master a healthy skill set as it would the opposite.  You can start with something big or you can start with something small as your targeted goal. Just start today to add one thing to your life that is bound to make a difference in how you live it.  When you add Just one healthier habit practiced and repeated over a period of days, then that one small positive change has the potential to have an incredibly profound impact for years to come. As you become skilled in whatever area that you focus, your experience of the world will be better and better as you set a positive chain of events for yourself and others as well. So start with repeating a positive mantra over  the next 21 days or get up earlier in the morning to add exercise, just make the commitment to add something worthwhile each day and infuse that sentiment with a can do attitude.  When you keep reminding yourself that it may be difficult in the beginning, in short time it shall become second nature to you and you will embrace it even more.  Repeat something good over and over again and you will develop a wonderful skill that is bound to multiply good in your life again and again.   

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