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What will you be celebrating today?

But then there are magical, beautiful things in the world. There’s incredible acts of kindness and bravery, and in the most unlikely places, and it gives you hope.

~Dave Matthews, South-African born American Singer and Songwriter

Open your eyes and see magic and beauty where you least expect it. Clear your ears to hear the message from even the most unlikely sources. Reach out and touch another with a random act of kindness, and fill your heart with love. Face your fears as you rise above what keeps you stuck, realizing that you are in fact strong, and nothing but your own mind can keep you down. Take risks and start practicing bravery as you begin to embrace who you are, why you are here, and the gift of time that you have to live this purpose. When you do any of the foregoing, the celebration of life can begin. When you begin to accept that the invitation is there, your hope for an amazing life will be restored. Your focus will no longer be on what is wrong with this world but will shift to all that is right with it. Your attitude will no longer be based on all that stands in your way but will change to believe that so much will bring you forward in a positive direction. Your understanding of the world will no longer be based on the hardships but will look to what you can learn that will be beneficial to your journey. There are magical and beautiful things and people in this world; the question is whether you are willing to acknowledge and celebrate that fact.

Magical Key to Bliss: Celebrate today!

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