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What if?

On our third annual “broadway tour with the poppie”. After my mom passed away three years ago, my sisters Mary and Aimee and my dad “the poppie” have made it our July 4 th excursion to go to NYC and see shows on broadway together. The first show we saw last night was If/Then – a tale of two paths taken by the main protagonist when she looks at her life after making two different choices. Very profound and moving the impact of free will–and regardless the choices, the other people who she connects with play a role that helps her to learn the lessons her spirit came to learn. The second show “Rocky” portrays a story of hope that comes from love. You see the spirit blossom when you start to believe in yourself and that attracts others to do the same! The third show was Cabaret, my favorite. It was a dramatic depiction Of Berlin just prior to WWII, right before hitler’s Nazi Germany. Showing people being themselves, until fear comes and changes the way of life for many. Makes you think about the concept of ” it will never happen to me.” Makes you aware that unless we as a whole learn and remember what can happen in a world where people try to foster hate instead of finding beauty in the differences. Then we saw “hedwig and the angry inch.” Wow, a story about pain from life circumstances and the search for love! To me, the common underlying theme throughout was triumph and endurance of the human spirit when it opens up to love! Then of course the desire to share that message with others- it’s broadway and life is a stage!!! Through beautiful or raucous music, through creative portrayal of life on a sound stage, and through inspired acting, it all made me think- what if? and surrounded by my family, sisters, my father, my aunts and uncle, my cousin and my best friend- I got to look at my own broadway production that is my life filled with drama, joy and especially love and smile bc I will know that I make choices that serve my highest good and everything is unfolding as it should and of course “life is a cabaret old chum, come to the cabaret!!”

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