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What do you want to create today?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Declaring to the universe that you are looking to find yourself implies that you are lost.  But are you really lost?  Have you ever contemplated the idea that you are born into this world armed with  everything that you need for your own journey in life?  If that is the case,  then perhaps if you find yourself experiencing the “lost” sensation, you are just not looking in the right direction and that if you place your mind’s eye looking within all can be remembered.  If you set your sights on your talents and your gifts, then you will realize that you already have found the building blocks that you can work with to catapult your greatest and wildest dreams into reality.  Your tools are there for you to create the greatest vision of yourself possible. So why do you place obstacles in your path that are guided by denying what you have already been given, why would you do that to yourself?  You are always where you need to be. You are exactly who you need to be!  Now what do you want to create?   If life is about creating yourself, then start there, start now!  Do you want to dance, sing, paint, inspire, heal – what is it that sparks the passion within? YOU are the foundation, now look inside and create yourself a wonderful day, week, month and life! And whatever it looks like to you, create something beautiful that adds to the good in this world and makes you proud.  Don’t go looking to find yourself, YOU are already there and that just is a waste of your time.  Look to create more of the awesome that is in you just begging to be let out and freed!  There is beautiful music in you that is YOU that if you just tap into the source you can share it with the world. So, instead of saying who I am- get acquainted with the wonderful person you know yourself to be and ask what do I want to create today, align that thought with your soul and then just be! How much more you you will experience in life if this is your perspective and even more so,  what fun awaits you! So what it is going to be, what do you want to create today?

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