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Week 2, Day 9 of the Artist’s Way!

I am in Week 2 already and not following the rules.  I guess that it is simple enough- do your morning pages each day as soon as you get up! If it is so simple, why has it proven to be a challenge.  Challenge- that has been the name of the game today! Challenges have arisen that force me to look at the direction this creative path is taking me and what I want to do with it! And the words of many that love me come to mind, “Meg, you think too much!”  Maybe that is the message for me today- stop thinking so much and allow the creativity to just flow.  So I am going to take that and move forward with it, trust my gut and just go with the flow as long as it feels right.  Control. Another word that has come up for me today. Control the situation, control the outcome. These both are not possible. I guess setting boundaries may be a better approach. And we can all do our best when people set boundaries. I am around people who pay attention to what they need and set boundaries.  I need to do the same and say yes to what feels right and no to what does not. This is all a part of the creative process, saying yes to what I want, dream and desire in life- saying no to what no longer serves me well.  And where there is some confusion, asking God for the guidance that I need.

I have been stuck in a lot of past patterns lately that I am noticing a lot more. Hopefully the awareness will be just what I need to get past these things and free myself from habits that get in the way of progress.  I had wonderful connections today.  There is a lot of creativity in the connections of life.  Even in conversations, I feel and am inspired by others and there is a co-creative process that just happens and for the most part I have taken for granted.  I love gaging the energy of the situation as it presents itself. Do I feel uplifted or do I feel down! I did feel uplifted as the majority of my interactions today involved laughter, and laughter is the best medicine in life.  So as week 2 progresses, I have decided to stick with the first week exercises again to make sure that the intro to this path can be built upon well.  Plus, the rest of my group decided to repeat the first week again so I might as well take advantage of it as it is all about finding a safe place for your creative recovery.  I am so excited about just embracing this whole thing and meeting my creative self each day.  I guess the third word that I will focus on is GIFT! It is all a gift and perhaps this process will be a gift that I give to myself that I get to open anew each day. Let’s see- I figure as long as I am enjoying the process then it clearly will be worthwhile no matter what!  Besides an evening seeing Despicable Me 2 had me enjoying the creativity of the person who came up with those delightful little minions with their own language and their own little yellow quirky selves that added much laughter into my night and much joy with my kids. Ahh the little things teach me so much! Time to stop thinking too much now- just enjoy the process towards a more creative self 🙂  And, perhaps the rules are there to be broken anyway, all the great artists marched to their own beat and threw out the rules to become more of the amazing author, painters, scupltors musicians etc.  Girls who follow the rules never made history- I can imagine the same thing applies to artists as well!

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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