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We ARE the company we keep!

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. Epictetus

I have often wondered whether each of us is born with adequate resilience to see this life through the highs and the lows.   I have often wondered if each of us is born with sufficient flexibility to wade through the changes in the world as they present themselves.  Then I am struck by the realization that regardless of what kind of resilience that we are born with or how flexible we are, as long as we keep good company as support along the way, no matter what happens in life we will rise above.  We are never alone in life as long as we choose connections with people who uplift our spirits.  We are never without hope as long as we surround ourselves with people who challenge us to follow our dreams.  We are never without love as long as we take the risk to allow another positive person to come into our lives and help us to become our best selves.  If there is one true  key to a successful life in this world, it is each of our innate ability to gather a collection of beautiful souls to bring love and laughter as we continue on our journey no matter how easy or how difficult.  So take this moment in time to do an inventory of your angels.  Look around and see the angels in human form who are standing to the left and to the right.  And then, don’t worry any longer, for through all our highs and lows and any change that comes our way, if we keep company with people who uplift us, even if we lose our way, they will help us get back on course so that we can continue our journey with a renewed sense of internal joy and happiness once again.

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