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Thought of the Day- Obstacles as teachers to reawaken joy!

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.” Norman Vincent Peale 1898-1993, Minister and Author Obstacles in life can be very frustrating.  After we set out our dreams and make the commitment to fulfilling them, we want to see results from our actions that will refuel our passion and belief that whatever we have imagined for ourselves will become a reality.  However, as we proceed on our path to realizing our dreams, we may be stopped in our tracks by something or someone who we perceive to get in our way.  And with this, something could happen to us.  We may begin to see ourselves as a victim, we may find it easier to blame others for our circumstances, or we may feel overcome and deflated as we give power to this blockage and allow our minds to run wild to the tune of “I told you so, I told you that you would never be able to get what you most want and be joyous and happy.”  Ahh!  the various obstacles in the passage of life- it doesn’t matter what it looks like- roadblock, writer’s block, mind block- instead of being defeated by them, perhaps they are there to teach us something or tell us to go in another direction.  Perhaps they are there to strengthen our resolve and determination to move forward.  Perhaps they are there to challenge our minds to think outside the box or change the routine way of processing so that we can gain knowledge or wisdom that we could not have known before. Find a new way to see obstacles- STOP and change your perspective.  How magical it could be to see our obstacles as our greatest ally.  Obstacles can be our greatest teachers.  Obstacles can be the challenge that we need to awaken the joy in our hearts by forcing our imagination to come to life again. Many of the greatest thinkers in our time made the greatest discoveries by virtue of the obstacles they met on their way. As Einstein so wisely said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  So it can be said that it is the supreme art of the obstacles when we stand up to them to inspire us to discover the solutions that will catapult us forward even more.  Use those obstacles as a tool to inspire a new direction in your life.  Maybe this is the opportunity that you needed.  Maybe this delay in life will force you to cease from what you were doing, settle yourself for a moment as you stop to breathe and get in tune with your instincts and internal guide that will guide you to the sources where answers will come.  We  bring a revitalized enthusiasm to every endeavor because we have surpassed something we initially believed was unsurpassable.  When we face our greatest fears and see them for what they are, we know that we have the strength to face whatever life throws our way.  And when we see something or someone appearing to stop us in our tracks, we become very grateful for the message that they will teach us.  Because I am certain that the message we receive is just what we needed to give fuel to the passion that we have for our dreams once again.  When these obstacles are overcome, we will discover a renewed will and determination.  When these obstacles are overcome, we will fully appreciate the euphoric aroma of a life well lived where our spirits run carefree, souls forever young. When these obstacles are overcome, we will continue to dance to the tune of our souls.  As I face my obstacles today, instead of listening to the negative chatter or allowing the fear of failure to overtake me, I will ask- “teacher, what is my lesson here?”    For perhaps it is the energy of the universe speaking to me.  Slowing things down so that I can take the time to stop, wait, breathe and listen as the answers come, for everything we need to know is right before us.  Helping me to make the choice to work harder in a worthy endeavor or choose another path that will better serve me.  With a loving and open heart and mind, my obstacles become my guides that will help get me over the mountain to reawakened joy once again.  Something to think about! 

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