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Thought of the day- Negative feelings are all just an illusion!

“There is no room for shame or regret in my life.  I’m too full. I am too forgiven, too adored, too fully loved, too full of ideas and dreams and passion to waste my precious life pretending to be crippled by something that is imaginary, like shame.  Shame is an illusion. It disappears so easily.” Glennon Doyle Melton, Carry On, Warrior Why do we choose to punish ourselves over and over again  for something that has happened and cannot be  changed? Why is it that we ruminate over past experiences as if our constantly rewinding an event will change its outcome?  Why have regrets? Why allow shame to enter our lives? What is done is done.  It is time for acceptance. Acceptance allows us to embrace all that we are, the miraculous and the imperfect.  We are a balance of both, both sides of the coin equally important for our growth.  When we recognize this and accept it, then truly we are empowered with a freedom that allows us to fully embrace our magnificence and capabilities.  Shame is just an illusion really, all negative emotions are.  Will you choose to accept negativity as  your reality or alight with unending possibility that there is a better way to experience life.  SHIFT! While we cannot change the events of the past, we can learn from them so that they positively impact our futures!  SHIFT!  Yes,  we can process what has happened and use it to become the person we are meant to be in all of our glory.  SHIFT!  When we come to realize that there is no such thing as failure as long as we try over and over again, then we are no longer bound by the past.  Our free will allows all of us to break the shackles of the mind so not to doom ourselves to repeat over and over again as long as we have awareness.  There is no room for any negative emotions in our lives, if they come up look at them and ask what lessons am I supposed to learn from all of this?  We are all full of possibility and we must continue to fill ourselves up with the idea that we are loved, we are dreamers, we are forgiven and we are passion.  When we realize that shame or regrets serve no purpose for our own lives and the lives of other, we will then begin to hold our heads high knowing that each one of us is here for a reason.  May each one of us continue on our path unencumbered by the negative illusions that threaten to keep us in a place that is far too small for our inner beauty! When you feel yourself succumbing to the need to punish yourself again for something that happened so long ago, stop. Don’t waste a minute more of your precious life reliving the past.  Take the lesson and move on. It will get easier and easier as you do, until one day it is actually a thing of the past and stays there.  Then, once again your present moments become a place where you can begin to surrender to the effortless abundance that is waiting for you.  If it is all an illusion, choose an illusion where you are empowered by your story and prepare to feel your spirits soar! 

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