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Thought of the Day-Detox your thoughts and awaken your world!

“We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make the world.”


First step on the path to enlightenment, if you so desire it, is awareness. To be aware of our present moment, how we are thinking and processing it, this is perhaps the most powerful tool that we have to actually experiencing life directly without the limiting beliefs and assumptions that many of us confuse as having basis in fact.  When we start to be aware of each moment in time, then we can begin to make positive change to how we react to our circumstances.  Here, we can begin to really be present to how we think, what arises in our thoughts.  After we wake up to this empowerment, perhaps the second step on the path to enlightenment, if you so desire it, is to figure where we stand in relation to the current unfolding of our lives.  Is it time to detox from those things that no longer serve you, and keep the behaviors that do.?

If your answer to this question is YES- then there are ways to detox, little by little that can get us closer and closer to experiencing a renewed sense of life, love and joy.  We can start out by detoxing our time. We all have a limited number of hours, days, weeks, months.  Once we wake up to this reality, then it becomes important to all of us as to how we choose to spend our time.  Live your life as if there can be no regrets.  When you plan effectively to set out the things that you want to do, then the important things in life will never lose out to the unimportant things.  Learn to say no to others, so that you can say yes to taking care of yourself.  This is really your time here, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You are only assured of the moment we are living.  And when we realize this, we can take the steps to start realizing the things that are important to us and make the time to be with those people or accomplish those things that will bring us joy on this journey.

Then move on to detox your space.  Start to take time out of your life to learn how to breathe again.  Give yourself the space to breath.  Take twenty minutes each day to connect with your source, YOU.  Sit, walk, be in silence so that you can listen to the messages that are waiting to be delivered.  We live in a multi-tasking world where we may even forget what has occurred or cannot appreciate what is happening, living the moment yet missing out on the experience.  Declutter, declutter, declutter. Start to simplify.  Make your life more simple.  Move things out of your immediate vicinity that you have not used in a while.  Give yourself the room to create and welcome new people, places and things into your life.  If you have not used something for six months or more, it is time to part ways.  The more things that we have, the harder it is to find. Don’t give the stuff that consumes our lives more meaning than is necessary.  Let it go so that we can invite new experiences into our consciousness.  And, the things that you give away can benefit someone else who really needs it.

Probably one of the most important steps, detox your past.  Start by purging old bad habits and replacing them little by little with good ones.  Certainly, by releasing ourselves form the past vice-like grip of negative chatter and by replacing it with positive affirmations that bolster our success in life in the form of a repetitive daily mantra could be just what the doctor ordered to infuse a new uplifting energy into our lives.  You may not feel the difference immediately, but repeated over and over again, you may actually start to believe what you are suggesting as you lay the positive neural pathways  for success.  And then, tell those limiting beliefs that were implanted by others during our childhood that it is time to go. They have no purpose for our lives. Set out the dreams that you want to realize in your life and tell yourself over and over again when the old tapes play, that everything that you dream of is possible.  With this mindset, there will be no stopping you as long as you are aware.

Finally, detox your present. Make this the greatest gift to yourself- make this your greatest PRESENT. Start with an attitude of gratitude.  Start your  morning each day with 5 things that you are grateful for in your life.  There is no better way to begin a new adventure than with acknowledging your blessings.  Get rid of the people and the things that are toxic. You know what I am talking about.  Those people in your life who bring nothing but negative energy into your surroundings.  Detach with love, wish them well and move on.  It is key to the law of attraction to recognize what you are attracting into your life as well, so set your awareness meter to recognize where your vibrations are- are they high and uplifting or are they low and weighted.  Do a self check as to the frequency that you are on and make adjustments accordingly. Speak wonderment into your life.  Watch your words, they dictate a lot.  Fill your thoughts with amazing, wonderful visions for yourself and believe that all your dreams have already come to light.   Keep a monitor on your energy.  When you are low, take the time to fill up.  Make time for stress relief, spa days, exercise outdoors to get the good endorphins flowing.  This IS important and we need to make it so.  Take the time to breath in life and breath out the stress.  You can renew and reawaken your spirit again.

The whole process of detoxing our time, space, past, and present is a worthy endeavor as we are making the grand investment in ourselves and our lives.  We become more mindful of our experiences and process them in the greatest light.  This is important for us and important for the world.  When we become light seekers,  we start to shed the darkness as we shine our light brightly.  It only takes one candle to alight the darkness, and it only takes one of us to shine greater hope in this world. One candle will light the next and so on and so on. And, all of this really just begins with a heightened and renewed sense of awareness. So today get in touch with what is going on in your mind. Awaken to the possibility of a better reality for us all and if you can, take the small steps toward actualization.  Because it IS with our thoughts that we make our world!  

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