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The Sunrise of My Soul’s Bliss-Life filled with Magic and Miracles

In the aftermath of one of the biggest challenges of my life, I was incredibly blessed with Support Groups and Healers who helped me to see the light after the darkness overcame me.  With all the assistance and love that I have received over time, others shared their light with me so that I could recognize that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.   And, over time,  witnessing the transformation of my own life, I started recognize that more and more that light was coming from me.  We all have a light within, we all have incredible beauty within.  When difficult experiences enter our life, these are the times when we realize that we have important choices to make.  Face the challenge head on or not. And, the gift of the choice of facing the challenge head are the magic and miracles that enter your life because you chose to embrace what has happened and chose to move forward with faith.  

I am not the same person that I was two years ago, I am really not the same person that I was yesterday.  I still miss my mom beyond belief, but I know now that she has been a part of my journey even after she left this earth and I know that she continues to be.  How lucky am I to have this awareness.  Magical Magical Magical!  And with this acceptance and awareness, I am grateful that my eyes are now open to so much more because of the experience. And, I live my life with an open mind and open heart.  When I hear others starting this journey because they have suffered a great loss, I say a prayer that they too find the support and the healers to help them move forward. I say a prayer that they avoid or manage the toxic people in their lives who make the healing more difficult, and I say a prayer that they find love internally and externally to be able to experience the sunrise of their soul’s bliss once again.  Life is filled with magic and miracles if you are paying attention. I bear witness to that. I know that the magic of my life has been in the connections that I still am introduced to on a daily basis and the miracle of my life is that while my mom is no longer here, her legacy and spirit live on through every person who she touched.  Every day I am grateful to God for one more day of life and every day I do my best to ask God to use me in service to others and help me make good choices for me because it all is a gift! That is really all that I can do – attitude of gratitude what am I grateful for? My close friends, my beautiful family, my support groups, my animal guides and my healers who make this journey so worthwhile! And then as I experience the sunrise of my soul’s bliss, I am excited for all the blessings that await me- life is filled with Magic and Miracles- Have a Jandy time along the way!

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