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The story of S.H.I.N.E. Miami! Day 6-the volunteers! S H I N E Miami- Spirit Hope Insight Networking

I remember a famous line in the movie Field of Dreams-“If you build it, they will come.” This is the underlying theme for S.H.I.N.E. Miami- I set out to create this event and my team showed up- thank goodness! Each member of my team brings talent to the table that will make this event a success beyond measure. I am grateful for Pau De Regil who created our beautiful website at that is beyond fabulous. I am grateful for Ghislaine Ynestroza​ who is keeping us on budget and has been supporting me with excitement and enthusiasm from the beginning. And I am soooo grateful for Tina Jordan Ashley​ who just brings the bling to the table- our SWAG is going to be amazing because of her- also she is rocking a positive vibe and bringing up the vibrations on our twitter page @SHINE_Miami2015 ( go check it out and get the excitement going!!! )I am so grateful for Lisa Rosen who joined us and has brought some amazing sponsors to the table that allowed us to keep the ticket price down. I am grateful for Maria T. Vina-Rodriguez​ who helped to ease my anxiety as she is a constant with prayers and encouragement throughout this process. I am grateful to Denise Lane​ for helping to promote this event. I am grateful for Aimee Nocero​ who is the brains behind the amazing CD that will be the music of inspiration, energy that will encourage you to continue to shine brightly ( she is famous for her CDs) and for our newest butterflies who have joined the fun Jennifer Diliz​, Martica Quiros​ and Norma de Regil​. This is an amazing team who is helping to build this beautiful afternoon for anyone who wants to take the opportunity to grow in love! if you come, you certainly will not regret it and will feel the love energy all around!!!

Get your tickets today on they are available until October 16!!

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