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The secret to a happy life!

“You being you is the blessing.  You being you is the miracle.  You being you is enough. You being you is your soul signature.”

Panache Desai

Breathe in, breathe out. Anytime during your day, take a moment to feel the air enter through your nose, fill your lungs only to be released again.  Sit with yourself and welcome the opportunity to be present.  In the stillness, be the observer of your thoughts.  Pay attention to the ideas as they introduce themselves.  Choose the ones that bring an energy of vitality, wellness, and light.  As you remain there open to the gifts as they pass by, you, the artist of your life, are invited to find inspiration as you fine tune your desire to contribute to this world authentically.  This is a blessing, you being you looking for what emanates from your creative soul.  For it is in the energy of these moments, you can best hear your inner voice guiding you.  It is there you will be able to hear the muse as she attempts to get your attention.  It is there you can hear your soul approve the path that you are taking or make the decision to alter the course in another creative direction.  Breathe in, breathe out.  These are not wasted moments, but important ones that will assist you with the opportunity to stamp your own signature to a life exploring the miracle you are as you go.

Magical Key to Bliss:  Get comfortable in your own skin by closing your eyes and feeling the vibrant spirit that is you!

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