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The power of positive doing

“Whatever our path, whatever the color or grain of our days, whatever riddles we must solve to stay alive, the secret of life somehow always has to do with the awakening and freeing of what has been asleep.”

Mark Nepo

It is time to WAKE UP! Not just wake up your body to function on a daily basis and get by, wake up your inner spirit to fly. Instead of crawling along at a belabored pace, you can soar effortlessly with a miraculous view of the world. Have you ever looked up in the sky to see the birds glide totally in line with their purpose that has allowed them to thrive?  This is the freedom that you seek, one that does not seek permission or demand for you to be something that you are not.  Seek out the people who soar like the birds and have taken the risk to leap into the beauty that is theirs.  Find examples in others who are the positive ones so you can benefit from their wisdom. With these examples, you are encouraged to free yourself from your slumber. Positive thinking alone is not enough, it is the positive doing in your waking moments that is key to making the shift possible. Flock with the positive doers and this could be the first step to awaken the transformation of your inner spirit and freeing what has been asleep. The positive ones are the company you want to keep for there is a reason why birds of feather flock together successfully!

Magical Key to Bliss: Wake up and join the freedom!

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