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The Power of awakening into consciousness!

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.”

Carl Jung

I love where my life has taken me so far.  I love the knowledge that has crossed my path. I love the powerful insights that I have gained.  I love awakening to my intuition that has empowered me to keep moving forward with greater vision.  I spent this morning reading the beginning of a book called Frequency by Penney Peirce.  She defines transformations and talks about the nine different phases that we go through to effortlessly experience this time of incredible enlightenment called Intuition Age.  She states that transformation, metamorphosis or transmutation implies ” an alchemical change in the basic nature of something, a shift from one energy state to another, a startling change that occurs miraculously, as if by magic.”  Very exciting and inspiring because as we all look into our hearts and awaken to who we are, then the transformation begins.  And as we get in touch with the energy that we are releasing and start being conscious as to what we are releasing into the world, then your identity with self shifts and magic as we know it is possible.  And, the more conscious and proactive we are, the easier and faster we will move through the experiences and phases of life.  I love this as it can inspire all of us to start becoming aware to all the potential that lies within.  And it is there that greatness begins!

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