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The Magic of the Absolutely Ridiculous!

“No matter where you are camped, there are blessings and miracles nearby. . . Once you begin to use your laser superpowers for possibilities, miracles, and joy, you will suddenly find yourself on a whole new stage, accepting a whole new Oscar.” Pam Grout

You have superpowers. While this may seem ridiculous to say, it is the truth if you believe it. The power that you have by virtue of the way you think is beyond amazing. You have the ability to alter a stressful situation by infusing love with a generous serving of laughter. It has been shown that you even have the power to change relationships by virtue of seeing the other person as a loving ally rather than an enemy. Yes, it’s true, you are an amazing you! It just may take a little imagination to get your head into the game of outrageous fun. But perhaps today is the day when you decide that you no longer want the struggle for it is time to play. Put on your tiara or your superhero cape and get ready to infuse a bit of silliness into your world. You will be more than surprised at the magic and miracles you will discover when you do. Your life is important so stop being so serious and grab that wand and set your zaniest wishes out into the universe. And if visualization is your thing, see yourself speaking words of glory as you parade across the stage of life to accept whatever prize you desire for adding to the blessings of possibility today. For wouldn’t you rather use your superpowers to discover the magic of the ridiculous rather than walk numb in the land of the boring? Once again, it’s your choice anyway!

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