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The Energy of Memories

Ever have something profound happen to you and months, even years go by, when you return to that place no matter what time has passed, the energy of the past memories overtakes you and transports you right back to that moment in time.  Amazing how life its like that.  It can be a place, a person, music, or anything that will stir up in you those same feelings and emotions that were either wonderful or incredibly painful.

That is the energy of memories, sometimes debilitating or empowering when it overtakes you.  I suppose it depends on where you are at the time that you revisit the memory.  I suppose how you experience its impact also depends on how you see, feel and process that energy.  There are times when I have heard a song that can carry me to a time where I recall young, innocent love and the possibilities of it all.  There are times where I have experienced the delicious fragrance of a place where I once was carefree and filled with zeal.  There are times where I have seen people who remind me of important souls who have touched my lives in inexplicable ways. And, there are times where I have been in a place that is familiar that re-introduces me to real ties to the past. 

This past weekend, my family gathered in Orlando to celebrate the baptism of our newest addition Chase Joseph Lewis. My sister invited my mother’s 3 sisters and her brother to stand as Chase’s godparents to guide this beautiful baby in his faith.  This was the first time since my mom’s passing that our entire family gathered in her house. We were in her home gathered together and she was not physically there.  Then, my sister brought out a box that she found that contained memoribiliia kept by my mom of times gone by.  It contained many keepsakes whose energy burst out from that box as papers were perused and letters were read. it was extremely powerful.  Grabbing hold to a piece of history where handwriting brought to life words that spoke and connected the intended recipient to my mother, my grandma Betty or my grandma Helen. It was profound once again to see the energy of the memories reconnect each person to that time of life and that loved one.  How excited we all became as we shared what my mother had kept for so many years.   While we may have been yearning for my mom’s physical presence, in that box of memories she came to life once again reminding us that she still remains with us. 

Perhaps if her passing was too close in time, we would not have been able to embrace the messages of love because the pain would have been too intense. But it is true, time does heal all wounds. And it is true, even over time, our energy never fully disappears, it just takes on different forms.  Because we cannot see something, doesn’t mean that the energy of that person is no longer there.  It is like the example of water, we can freeze it and it is solid, we can melt it and it is liquid, we can steam it and it evaporates into a formless gas. Even as a gas, it still has the same properties of the liquid and the ice, even though we can no longer see it. 

Same thing applies to our loved ones who have passed away.  While my mom is no longer present in the physical sense, she remains in the spiritual sense even though we can no longer see her.   And when we experience the energy of her memory once again, we can close our eyes and it will be as if she were there still right in front of us.  It is like dreaming awake.  This energy can bring us to tears or it can being us to laughter.  It still holds the charge of the person who embodied it fully and as long as we associate it to the memories that we hold, we will have continued opportunities to feel their presence no matter what.  That is certainly the blessing of the energy of memories!  And there we get to meet my mom over and over again- as if we discovered her essence by opening up a box filled with memories!  There Baby Chase will know his Grammy even though he never had the opportunity to meet her in the physical sense and this is certainly a blessing that comes from the energy of memories!

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