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Take risks in life, what do you have to lose?

The first step, you identify your dream.  The second step, you believe that realizing your dream is possible.  The third step, you take the risk that can make that dream become a reality.  And, having the courage to take the risks to see the life you have always wanted play out is no small undertaking.  This may be the case because we may meet with rejection along the way.  While for some people their dreams are fueled by the journey no matter what it looks like, there are others who buckle under the pain of someone not supporting our hopes and aspirations.  But when I shift perspective to acknowledge that the rejection is as important to my life path as the acceptance, I no longer judge the events as they unfold as being either good or bad. In reality, it allows the opportunity to take all life gives as feedback that guides me in the direction where I am witness to the miracle of the unexpected. Wow wow wow! And none of this can happen, if you don’t go out into the world, be a part of it all and take risks.  For this is what life is all about, to face your fears with courage and to enjoy the miracle of the experience!

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